• PECO Services INC

    A website built for an engineering company, which I designed and built to showcase their services. I leveraged more modern web design techniques and methods to more effectively convey the company’s expertise.

  • KRM Leasing Logo Design

    Simple 2-color logo design with a focus on the company’s name (with a sans-serif text font). Icon to the side for some visual flare to distinguish it. Different weights for the fonts to create word separation without too much space.

  • COL323 Logo Design

    This logo was created for a company that handles properties and land for other corporations. They wanted to incorporate a religious element. The cross/key combination represents their access to these properties, and the one color change is to create a break in the text to make a reference to the Bible verse within the company name.

  • Into His Life Ministry

    A website built for a non-profit based in Kentucky. This website included a simplified/modified backend to make adding new content easier for the staff & tutorial videos.

  • SeizeTheBeat Network

    This website was created for a musician who distributes his content for free. WordPress can be very complex, but I created a solution to ensure that someone could easily access the backend and add new content without much experience.

  • UTB Safety Corporation

    This was a website designed and built for a corporate traffic control client. Not intended to be flashy – but concise and strong. Conveying an element of what they hoped to provide with their service “Strength and Safety”.

  • Conquer Addiction Podcast

    A podcast about overcoming addiction in both yourself and your loved ones. Hosted by directors of a 50+ year-old non-profit rehab.

  • Priority Evangelism

    A more creative approach to building a website – with a little added visual flair that helps distinguish it from your typical website.

  • Outreach Ministries of Alabama

    This website was built for a non-profit drug rehabilitation program. The style was intended to be “business” but still modern so that it doesn’t look dated.